Cold Storage Systems
Keep It Fresh and Tasty
Wiskind cold storage system products
Excellent quality, and uniquely charming style,
Not only fulfills the functional requirements of fresh-keeping,
heat preservation, flatness and deformation resistance of a building,
But also boasts outstanding energy saving,
environmental protection, and eco-friendliness,
while creating unique aesthetics for the building.
Cold Storage Panel

Cold Storage Panel

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Pentane-blown B1 foam

Adopt the new generation of pentane-blown B1 PU-PIR foam as the rigid core material, to effectively block heat conduction with an excellent thermal insulation performance.Meet various major fire protection standards in the world.

Reasonable plug-in design

Reasonable plug-in design, great heat preservation, and superior mechanical performance.

Environmentally friendly and pollutant-free

Excellent thermal insulation performance, high economic benefits, reduced air circulation and solar radiant heat, thereby lower energy consumption & costs, carbon dioxide emissions, and building energy consumption.Low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

4kinds of socket, different scenarios application

W Plug
W Plug
H Plug
H Plug
C Plug
C Plug
E Plug
E Plug


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