All-in ™ PV roof integrated solution, using the leading SR6® roofing system and 210 large-size components, with clever Q-lok™ trackless fast lock technology, fully stimulate the power generation capacity of double-sided double-glass batteries through photovoltaic white ™ light energy coating, to achieve synergies between metal roofing and photovoltaic modules.
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Q-lok™ Trackless fast lock technology

Direct and fast roof tightening with SR6® in just 3 steps. Q-lok™ Fast lock construction, super strong lock joint provides stability. Based on the SR6® roof's ultra-strong 450-degree locking joint, Q-lok™ has a single point failure load of 4.0KN.

210 double-sided double glass components

Double-sided double-glass photovoltaic module with glass encapsulation on the back side can absorb the solar light reflected by the roof and increase the power generation. Compared with single glass components: good mechanical properties, stable and reliable power generation. Large heat capacity, reduce heat spot effect. Zero water permeability, low attenuation and long life. The double-sided, double-glass full-frame assembly selected by Oneness ™ provides excellent water resistance, avoiding the potential for moisture penetration of frameless components on the sides.

Photovoltaic White ™ coating for up to 3x gain on the back side of double-sided modules

Mastercard has conducted in-depth research into the power generation efficiency of double-sided components on different roofing materials, and has developed photovoltaic White ™ energy coating technology for metal roofing. The slit incident sunlight is highly reflected by the photovoltaic White ™ energy coating on the roof panel surface. The power generation of the double-sided battery module can be increased by 11 to 12% compared to the single-sided battery module. The back power generation gain is about 3 times that of ordinary roof panels.


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