TR65 SSR System

TR65 SSR System

The TR65 standing seam roofing system adopts Al-Mg-Mn as the face panel, an alloy composed of aluminum, magnesium, and manganese. By virtue of its moderate structural strength, outstanding durability, strong plasticity, light weight, high strength, weldability, and a service life of over 50 years, it is recognized as a high-quality choice for metal roofing material.
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Strong durability

Anti-corrosive base material: the AA3004 Al-Mg-Mn alloy that boasts strong anti-corrosion performance is used.

Strong wind resistance

The metal panel is engaged by the lock seam, and fixed to the T-shaped aluminum support, so as to offer a great waterproof and wind resistance performance without damaging the surface of the metal roof.

Waterproof and reliable

It is fixed using the concealed buckle and mechanical locking, without any screws penetrating the roof, thus effectively avoiding the potential risk of water leakage.

Outstanding design

Al-Mg-Mn features considerable strength and flexibility, so able to create complex shapes such as positive arc, negative arc, fan Shape and curved 3D surface, which brings various design ideas to life while ensuring the waterproof capability.


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