BiLOK® Roof sandwich board is a 360° lock joint roof sandwich board made of pressed steel plate as the upper and lower surface layer and rock wool core material bonded between the surface layer on a continuous production line. It has reliable airtight and watertight performance, and continuous and complete thermal insulation performance. The installation process is reduced to 1/3. It can also be equipped with integrated ™ photovoltaic solutions and sound absorbing sandwich panel product technology from Acous® according to different requirements.
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Good water resistance

360° lock joint roof sandwich panel, double sealing waterproof measures at the joint, reliable watertight and airtight performance, no fear of capillary water penetration.

Short construction period

BiLOK® Compared with single-layer metal roofing system, the process of on-site installation is reduced to 1/3, and the construction period is shortened.

High strength

Bimetal sandwich plate structure combined with 42mm outer plate waveform, excellent ultimate bending bearing capacity, support the maximum purlin distance of 2.4m.

Keep heat well

The insulation layer remains intact, while the rigid polyurethane foam at the crest of the pressure plate is superimposed, and the adiabatic performance is better.


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