SR6<sup>®</sup> SSR System

SR6® SSR System

The SR6® standing seam roofing system is a prefabricated high performance system developed by Wiskind.
The metal roofing system makes installation as precise and fast as building blocks, provides all-round and long-lasting protection beyond 360 degrees, and features strong wind resistance and excellent waterproof performance.
After the roof panel is installed, the effective width is 600mm, and the peak height is 75mm, with the panel surface pre-punched.
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Modular pre-punching technology

The roof panel is pre-punched at the end, connected by stainless steel bolts with cornice, ridge accessories, and lap connection between the roof panel and the light board, etc.

Super strong wind

It has obtained the American FM certification test, passed the ASTM water tightness and air tightness test, the National Building Materials Industry Test Center static air uncovering test, the national standard dynamic wind load test.

Reliable and waterproof

The roof panels are pre-injected with sealant according to project requirements to enhance the air-tightness and water-tightness of the roofing system, so that it is able to resist water seepage caused by freezing and thawing of snow.


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