PV-ROOF™ Integrated Solution

PV-ROOF™ Integrated Solution

Heyi™ BIPV roofing solution features the leading SR6®roofing system in conjunction with the G12 high-efficiency shingled modules provided by Zhonghuan Semiconductor, which is ingeniously arranged in a railless way, and leverages the Apollo™ optical coating to fully stimulate the power generation capacity of the bifacial double-glass cells, thus realizing the synergy between the metal roof and the PV module.
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Q-lok™ Quick Lock Technology

Direct and fast locking with SR6 roofing edge in three steps without any rails; super locking seam provides solid security; based on the super strong 450 degree locking seam of SR6 roofing, Q-lok has a single point breaking load of 4.0KN.

Double-sided double-glass module, more efficient absorption on both sides

Double-sided double-glass PV modules with glass encapsulation on the back side can absorb the sunlight reflected from the roof and increase the power generation, which is more efficient with double-sided absorption. The double-sided double-glass full-frame modules selected by Hopewell™ have excellent waterproofing effect, avoiding the hidden problem of water vapor penetration in the side of frameless modules; good mechanical performance, stable and reliable power generation; large thermal capacity, reducing the hot spot effect; zero water permeability, low attenuation and long life.

Photovoltaic White™ coating doubles power generation with high efficiency reflection

MSL has conducted in-depth research on the power generation efficiency of bifacial modules on different roofing materials and developed PV White™ energy coating technology for metal roofs. The PV White™ coating doubles the power generation capacity by reflecting the sunlight from the seam through the PV White™ coating on the surface of the roof panel.


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