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Gather·Change丨explore photovoltaic building integrated

2023 / 05 / 17

Gather·Change丨explore photovoltaic building integrated(图1)

With the deep integration of information technology and industrial development, every building in the future will be a small ecosystem, which can realize self-sufficiency in power supply, water circulation, etc. In such a green building, photovoltaic integrated buildings will become an essential part.

What is photovoltaic building integration? Today, let's lift the veil and take a look at it.

Gather·Change丨explore photovoltaic building integrated(图2)

#1 originates from the gift of nature and integrates the power of science and technology

The energy that the sun shines on the Earth every second is equivalent to the heat released by burning 5 million tons of coal. In other words, the current total energy consumption of mankind every year is only equal to the energy that the sun shines on the surface of the Earth in 40 minutes. Solar energy, as an inexhaustible clean energy, has never stopped studying how to use it since ancient times. From the application of solar cells in the 1950s to the integration of photovoltaic buildings today, the solar photovoltaic industry has gone through more than half a century. It has the fastest development among renewable energy sources, has the greatest potential, and is most likely to be perfectly combined with buildings.

Gather·Change丨explore photovoltaic building integrated(图3)

There are two main ways to combine solar PV with buildings: BAPV, which refers to the installation of photovoltaic power generation systems on existing buildings, and BIPV, also known as "installed" solar PV buildings, whose primary function is to generate electricity without conflict with the building, destroying or diminishing the function of the original building. BIPV refers to the integration of photovoltaic building, which refers to the integration of photovoltaic products into the building. It can be divided into two categories: one is the combination of photovoltaic modules with buildings in the form of additional, which is widely used at present; The other is to integrate photovoltaic devices with buildings in the form of building materials through advanced scientific research technology, giving consideration to the basic function and aesthetic value of buildings.

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#2 Green forward, enabling double carbon target

Solar and photovoltaic power generation are not new words compared to AI, which is getting a lot of attention today.

Since 2020 "double carbon" goal put forward, our country's energy saving and emission reduction work urgent. According to data, the ratio of building energy consumption in our country is up to 46.7%, and the development of green building with low energy consumption is an inevitable trend. In recent years, provinces and cities have also intensively introduced supporting policies and development goals for near-zero energy buildings. As the future development direction of building energy, photovoltaic building integration has gradually become the "standard allocation" of green buildings.

Gather·Change丨explore photovoltaic building integrated(图5)

Photovoltaic building integration takes solar energy as the background color and buildings as the drawing board, which paints a green and sustainable urban picture for people. Because it can be installed on the roof or outer wall, no extra space is taken up, and the grid-connected photovoltaic system is adopted, no battery is required, photovoltaic building integration greatly reduces the cost of construction and installation, and the photovoltaic panel can effectively block the roof sunlight, reduce the roof temperature to a certain extent, further reduce energy consumption, and realize the building energy saving and environmental protection.

Gather·Change丨explore photovoltaic building integrated(图6)

Photovoltaic integrated building, first of all to meet the basic function of the building. At the beginning of the design of photovoltaic system, we should start from the architectural perspective, and give full consideration to the needs of waterproof and fire protection, heat insulation and wind resistance of the building. On the other hand, since photovoltaic application has a great impact on the appearance of buildings, photovoltaic system design and architectural design should complement each other and try to achieve a balance and unity:

1. Before the design, it is necessary to collect the solar radiation and temperature change and other meteorological data of the site of the project, and convert the actual radiation amount of the photovoltaic panel surface according to the theoretical calculation.

2. In the design process, the specification, quantity, installation position and shadow design of photovoltaic building materials need to be carried out at the same time as the building design, and the power load of the building should also be taken into account.

3. It is also necessary to design the DC confluence box, inverter, measurement and data acquisition of the photovoltaic power generation system.

Gather·Change丨explore photovoltaic building integrated(图7)

#3 Live in symbiosis with nature and be a porter of sunlight

Throughout the application cases of photovoltaic building integration in China, there are not only the roofing photovoltaic system application of industrial buildings such as Shandong Yaohua Glass Co., LTD., Inner Mongolia Zhonghuan Xiaxin Photovoltaic Material Co., LTD., but also the photovoltaic product practice of many public buildings such as Jinan Rail Transit R1 Line and Qingdao International Convention Center. In these innumerable cases, the figure of wiskind has become a beautiful landscape.

Gather·Change丨explore photovoltaic building integrated(图8)

As an industry leading supplier of metal enclosure systems, wiskind offers an innovative photovoltaic building integration solution, the PV-ROOF INTEGRATED SOLUTION. The solution uses Wiskind SR6® Standing Seam Roofing System with superior wind and water resistance, and G12 high efficiency imbraged module of Central Semiconductor. With clever trackless horizontal layout, the photovoltaic white™ light coating technology developed by Wiskind for metal roofing fully activates the power generation capacity of double-sided double-glass cells, and realizes the synergistic effect of metal roofing and photovoltaic modules.

Gather·Change丨explore photovoltaic building integrated(图9)

Photovoltaic building integration solutions provided by wiskind are widely used in industrial buildings and public buildings. In addition to the photovoltaic building integration projects mentioned above, Henan Anyang Wolong Group, Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center, Qingdao World Expo City, etc., wiskind has actively participated in the construction.

Gather·Change丨explore photovoltaic building integrated(图10)

All things grow by the sun, the earth's creatures are nourished by the sun to live forever. In the future, wiskind will adhere to the support of science and technology, give "light", this green life body great energy, make it become sustainable green building materials, contribute to our country energy saving and emission reduction work, and contribute to the protection of our common earth home.

Gather·Change丨explore photovoltaic building integrated(图11)

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