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We will develop a green cold chain and add new vitality to the circular economy

2023 / 12 / 22

We will develop a green cold chain and add new vitality to the circular economy(图1)

Circular economy is a kind of economic growth model with efficient utilization and recycling of resources as the core, in line with the concept of sustainable development, and is a fundamental change to the traditional growth model of "mass production, mass consumption, and mass waste". Circular economy is an important strategy for global sustainable development, and developing circular economy is one of the effective ways to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality. As a professional supplier of cold storage enclosure system, wiskind breaks traditional technical barriers and provides safer, more environmentally friendly and more sustainable cold storage insulation solutions for various industries in the context of dual carbon, and practices circular economy.



01, green design, help brand upgrade


Green environmental protection. The development of a circular economy, starting from the input end of the source of product production, should consider saving resources and preventing the generation of waste. In this context, COLORSPAR®, wiskind's new generation of polyurethane cold storage panels, demonstrates outstanding environmental performance. The advanced polyurethane pentane foaming process is adopted in the production of the product, which not only improves the foaming quality, but also realizes zero freon emission in the production process. Reducing Freon emissions not only helps protect the Earth's environment and ecosystems, but also slows global warming and improves human health. This is an important environmental protection initiative that requires a global effort to achieve.

We will develop a green cold chain and add new vitality to the circular economy(图2)

Safe to use. The new generation of polyurethane pentane B1 hard core material is thermosetting material, no melting and dripping in the event of fire and heat, polyurethane and metal surface composite, can further improve the flame retardant performance of the plate, and does not produce harmful gases at high temperatures. In the slaughtering, refrigeration, food processing and other industrial environments,COLORSPAR® sandwich panel can effectively prevent the erosion of moisture and dirt, greatly reducing the possibility of bacteria and parasites. At the same time, in the face of various disinfection environments, the cold storage board has strong corrosion resistance, can meet the use requirements of the project, is conducive to cleaning and maintenance, and avoid damage to the board. The tight plug plate joint design makes it more suitable for various complex environment and strict environmental protection requirements.

We will develop a green cold chain and add new vitality to the circular economy(图3)

02, create energy-saving buildings, efficient use of resources


Efficient use of resources is one of the core concepts of circular economy. Whether the thermal insulation performance of the cold storage is excellent, whether it can ensure the full utilization of energy and bring greater benefits to the project is also the most worthy of our attention.


Energy saving and consumption reduction. COLORSPAR® sandwich panel have important applications in building energy efficiency, and their excellent thermal insulation and fire protection properties make them ideal for building insulation. Its thermal insulation principle relies on closed cell foam to isolate the air as a tiny bubble unit, and achieves thermal insulation effect by reducing air flow, which is the lowest thermal conductivity of all thermal insulation materials at present. It can significantly improve the energy efficiency of buildings, thereby reducing energy waste.

We will develop a green cold chain and add new vitality to the circular economy(图4)

Extended service life. Cold storage brings convenience to our lives at the same time, it is also extremely vulnerable to the impact of the external environment. Faced with different environmental conditions, wiskind has developed professional cold storage insulation solutions to meet customer needs. COLORSPAR® sandwich panel selection of high quality color coated steel plate or stainless steel plate surface. Color coated steel plates are suitable for dry environments, while for wet or clean environments with high demand, COLORSPAR® sandwich panel use 304 or 316L stainless steel as the surface material. This material has excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance, and strong pressure resistance, high flatness, can extend the time of products and services, making the cold storage board more excellent in appearance and service life.

We will develop a green cold chain and add new vitality to the circular economy(图5)

Reduce cost input. The cold storage board can be prefabricated in the factory, the installation system design is mature, and the auxiliary accessories are perfect, making the on-site installation more convenient and fast, greatly shortening the construction period, reducing the construction labor cost and material loss.

We will develop a green cold chain and add new vitality to the circular economy(图6)

03. Summary


Circular economy is an important driving force for the transformation of China's industrial upgrading and economic development mode, and is also one of the key means for China to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction goals. Polyurethane rigid foam insulation material has a wide range of application prospects in the field of cold storage insulation, as the industry promoter, wiskind has always adhered to the core values of "Mutual Success Through Sincerity & Integrity", constantly optimize cold storage insulation solutions, enable circular economy, and create greater value for achieving sustainable development and high-quality green development of cold chain industry.

We will develop a green cold chain and add new vitality to the circular economy(图7)

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