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Installation precautions of rock wool sandwich board

2022 / 05 / 11

Rock wool sandwich board is a kind of sandwich board made of rock wool as raw material. It has significant effects on fire prevention, heat preservation and heat insulation, sound absorption and sound insulation. Now it is widely used in all kinds of industrial buildings, making the appearance of the building has a richer expression.


So rock wool sandwich board in the installation of what matters for attention, the following list of 5 points for your reference:


1. Rock wool sandwich board installation should pay attention to rain, can not be constructed in rainy days.

2. Because rock wool sandwich board can not be scratched by sharp objects, so in the joint to do a good job of protection, to avoid damage.

3. In most cases, insulation and wall structure layers are secured by expansion bolts. Note that the depth of the expansion bolt anchoring into the wall must be greater than 25 to ensure the firmness of the exterior rock wool sandwich board. Each exterior rock wool sandwich board requires at least six expansion bolts.

4. During the layout process, the outer wall rock wool sandwich board should be laid from bottom to top and staggered along the horizontal direction. Exterior wall rock wool sandwich board inside and outside Angle can not be straight, should be interlocked. For the processing of the rock wool sandwich board on the outer wall of the window, it is not easy to splice, but to cut the whole outer wall rock wool sandwich board into an incision perpendicular to the board surface.

5. In order to achieve the minimum goal of heat loss, the joint of rock wool sandwich board and felt must be closely connected. If there are multiple layers of insulation, each cross joint needs to be interwoven so as not to form a hot bridge.

Prefabricated building installation:

The assembly installation form of rock wool sandwich board, through modular design and production to form an assembly system, high precision, and then through modular installation, can minimize the field operation, greatly shorten the construction time. In particular, mastercard's rock wool sandwich board combines a variety of mature plate types and scientific installation node design, which can not only be installed efficiently, but also meet the personalized requirements. It is the best choice for industrial building enclosure system.


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