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What is rockwool sandwich board

2023 / 01 / 27

Shandong Wiskind Architectural Steel Co., LTD. is the industry leading supplier of metal enclosure products. The rockwool sandwich board produced by it is made of domestic high-quality color coated steel plate and high-density hydrophobic rockwool. It has excellent fire performance, good sound insulation performance, and has obtained the national three-star certification of green building materials, which is a new generation of energy-saving environmental protection building materials.

Definition of rockwool sandwich board

Metal rockwool sandwich plate type is a composite material that binds two laminated steel plates and the intermediate structural rockwool together by special binder, and then solidifies under pressure.

Advantages of rock wool sandwich board

1. Strong insulation. Rock wool sandwich board has excellent thermal insulation performance, suitable for building and industrial equipment, pipes, containers and all kinds of kiln thermal insulation. Building thermal insulation, both to prevent winter heat loss and summer heat gain.

2. Fire and heat insulation. Metal rock wool sandwich board has excellent fire performance. The core material is non-combustible material, and its fire resistance is much better than that of the sandwich board with polystyrene or polyurethane as the core material.

3. Economical and convenient. Metal rockwool sandwich board also meets the requirements of modern construction industry for the economy of building materials and the speed of construction. The surface of the plate has various forms and rich colors; In the factory highly controlled, constant temperature environment production, stable quality; Construction is fast and reduces material loss, and saves construction time and cost without secondary construction on site.

4. Go green. Metal rock wool sandwich board is a new type of building material that really meets the requirements of environmental protection. The metal rockwool sandwich board members can be recycled, biodegradable, can be disassembled at any time, in the installation process only produces little waste, daily use does not produce irritating gas. The plate does not contain formaldehyde, is not invaded by microorganisms, and can be recycled.

According to China Building Energy Consumption Research Report (2021) released by China Building Energy Conservation Association, the total energy consumption of the whole building process in 2019 was 2.233 billion tons of standard coal equivalent, accounting for about 45.8% of the total energy consumption of the country. This means that, to change the whole process of the national building energy consumption will change at least half of the national energy consumption, vigorously develop and promote the external wall insulation technology, is not only the trend of industrial development, but also the inevitable result of energy cycle.


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